Reactions Division


The Reactions Division focuses on applications of reaction kinetics and behaviour. The division is responsible for researching, designing, building, and testing a stopping mechanism that is responsible for stopping the car model accurately using the physical or chemical properties of chemicals involved in a reaction (i.e. no mechanical brakes allowed). Clock reactions are the current team’s focus.

Reactions Division Leads

Jhoselyn Jaramillo

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.02.11 PM.png
Yuqi (Lisa) Zhou

Yuqi is a 2nd year chemical engineering student. She is glad to meet new members and will always provide help when needed.

Xingyu(Fred) Feng

Fred is a 2nd year chemical engineering student. With great interest in chemistry and desire to be an engineer, he transferred from forestry and became a ChemE student. He is looking forward to develop a perfect stopping mechanism with all other UTCV members.