Operations Division


The Operations Division is responsible for managing UTCV’s resources. The Division handles finances, event planning, marketing, sponsorship, outreach, and, most importantly, competition planning.


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Omar Hamdy

Operations Division Leads

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Thiiban Paskaran

Thiiban is a driven chemical engineering student with a keen interest in operations and strategy.  He has helped to identify opportunities for process improvements in his previous work experience as an instrumentation & control engineer. Thiiban also has experience in generating business solutions by providing key insights in debottlenecking operations. As an Ops Lead, Thiiban helps to improve organizational processes and work to improve productivity and efficiency in the operations of the club.

Mustafa Shabbir

Mustafa is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student with a strong interest in business. He has managed multi-million dollar projects while working in project management at a large power generation corporation. As an Ops Lead, Mustafa helps to obtain sponsorships for the club and assist the operation of the club.

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Masum Billah

Masum is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student with a strong interest in sustainable energy and project management. He has various experiences working in industry, and is ready to leverage those skills to ensuring smooth operations of UTCV. As an Ops lead, he will maintain finances and competition