Mechatronics Division


The Mechatronics Division focuses on bridging the gap between mechanical and electrical engineering concepts. The division is responsible for building the car chassis, car body, and a stationary testing bench for the finished car. The Mechatronics team is also responsible for selecting and integrating a motor, designing gears, creating containment for car components, constructing circuits, and employing sensors and microcontrollers to utilize criteria provided by the Power Source and Reactions divisions to move and stop the car.

Mechatronics Division Leads

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Sarah Halabieh

Sarah is a 4th year mechanical engineering student, specializing in energy and mechatronics. With two previous years of experience on the team, she’s excited to make her last year on the team an impactful one. She’s passionate about being a well-rounded engineer; she believes that an effective engineer is one that has a good technical foundation while also being an effective communicator and a leader. She hopes that UTCV will be able to support more engineers to become well-rounded professionals.

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Vishal Dumont

Vishal is a 4th year ECE student, specializing in the fields of computer networks and software. With previous experience in the field of data engineering, he hopes to build data-driven tools that automate our testing procedures and aids our decision making processes. As a mechatronics lead, he hopes to educate as well as learn new things from the incoming recruits.