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Please find us at club fair on Wednesday September 5th, where we will be answering questions about UTCV and making recruitment information available. The recruitment form for the design team (Mechatronics, Power, and Reactions) is up at the following link:

Recruitment FAQ’s

What if I want to join as a general member of the design team?

Design Divisions will start recruiting in the middle of September for Mechatronics Division, Power Division, and Reactions Division.

The recruitment form is live at the following link:

Do I have to be in chemical engineering?

Absolutely not! UTCV welcomes and is sustained by talent from all disciplines.

How much time do I need to commit?

We at UTCV pride ourselves on our fun and tight-knit community spirit, but joining a division means putting in hard work. A member can expect to spend 6-8 hours a week working with us. In this time, students will continuously challenge themselves intellectually and professionally through seizing unique learning opportunities that are valuable and hard to come by. From conducting scientific research to toggling circuitry; from planning creative club events to monitoring and controlling environmental impact, there is never a dull moment at UTCV.

Can I join UTCV if I am not familiar with the technical concepts of design?

Yes. UTCV’s leadership team values not only technical competence but also character. After all, developing people is an aspect of our mission. As long as you come into our workspace with a positive attitude and desire to learn, we will make sure that we train you properly. It also to be noted that UTCV is sustained by not only technical design divisions but also an important Operations Division consisting of talented individuals who use their administration skills to manage UTCV and its resources. Feel free to take a look at the different aspects of our team listed under the ‘Divisions’ tab to get an idea on which sector of UTCV is the best fit for you!

My schedule is a little full; can I come help out whenever I can instead of committing to weekly work sessions?

Everyone on UTCV has earned a spot on the team through making a sizeable effort to prioritize this design team. We expect new members to do the same and show up regularly; it is only through time-management and dedication that valuable skills are developed. We understand that UTCV is not for everyone, so it is important for students to make sure that this team is the right fit for them.

Who should join UTCV?

UTCV seeks out new members who want to develop technical skills, become capable leaders, and learn how to communicate effectively. If our mission resonates with you, then UTCV is the place to be!

Other than a positive attitude, what do I need if I want to join UTCV?

If you want to join a division that works in the lab, you are required to have a set of Personal Protection Equipment (We call it ‘PPE’ – after joining us, you will hear this word painfully often.) PPE consists of laboratory gloves, a laboratory coat, and goggles/eye shields. We at UTCV care deeply about your well-being and do not tolerate safety negligence.