UTCV’s mission is to offer an authentic multidisciplinary experience that promotes students’ cross-functionality across different engineering fields. Members of the team commit to becoming:

  1. Technically Competent in optimally designing, building, and integrating components to perfect a chemically-powered, environmentally friendly, autonomous car.
  2. Resilient Leaders with a can-do attitude who work through challenges and support each other by taking the initiative to propel the team forward.
  3. Effective Communicators in expressing thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.


Upscaling a perfected small car model into an environmentally friendly, single-passenger-sized, autonomous vehicle.

Leadership Team

Ownership Yields Leadership

Club Advisor  William Pei

President   Omar Hamdy

Operations Divison Lead   Thiiban Paskaran, Mustafa Shabbir, Masum Billah

Mechatronics Divison Leads   Sarah Halabieh, Vishal Dumont

Power Divison Leads  Jinmyung Jang, Yong Qi Luo

Reactions Division Leads Jhoselyn Jaramillo, Yuqi(Lisa) Zhou, Xingyu(Fred) Feng