UTCV’s mission is to offer authentic multidisciplinary experience that promotes students’ cross-functionality across different engineering fields. Members of the team commit to becoming:

  1. Technically Competent in optimally designing, building, and integrating components to perfect a chemically-powered, environmentally friendly, autonomous car.
  2. Resilient Leaders with a can-do attitude who work through challenges and support each other by taking initiative to propel the team forward.
  3. Effective Communicators in expressing thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.


Upscaling a perfected small car model into an environmentally friendly, single-passenger-sized, autonomous vehicle.

Leadership Team

Ownership Yields Leadership

Founder & Executive Director    Omar Hamdy

Operations Divison Co-Captains    Jonathan Almeida, Nirali Patel

Mechatronics Divison Co-Captains    Doris Ye, Sarah Halabieh

Power Divison Co-Captains    Alicia Chen, James Du

Reactions Division Captain    William Pei